Rules and Regulation

Rules and Regulation

Every Student Must

  • Bring Diary to School everyday.
  • Students are expected to Come in a well groomed manner in clean and proper uniform with polished shoes.
  • Regularity & Punctuality should be maintained.
  • Attend morning assembly without fail.
  • Be a good human being in all aspects, be fair and honest at work.
  • Be Courteous and respectful to parents,teachers and elders.
  • Look after the School property, help to keep it clean and tidy.
  • Keep his/her class room clean and tidy, throw waste paper, wrapper etc. into the waste basket bin only.


Code Of Conduct :

  • The school expects highest importance to decent behavior by the pupils so that they may grow into a responsible citizens imbibed with proper ideas and faith in God.
  • The school ensures the physical, mental, moral and spiritual growth of every student as a living and growing human personality nurtured with positive values & optimistic frame work of mind.
  • We wish to persuade the erring child by gentle persuassion to behave in an orderly and decent manner and to motivate them in developing the habits of neatness, punctuality, regularity, truthfulness and honesty.
  • All the steps will be taken to develop fellow feeling in the students and to foster the spirit of comradeship and mutual help.
  • We seek the co-operation of the parents in nurturing good behavior among the students and to be a keen observent in their studies.


The school is developing as a Quality Center and some of its features are :

  • Daily assembly,common prayer,singing of national anthem & national song before the commencement of the school day.
  • Imparting of news,moral teaching and G.K Quiz during morning assembly.
  • Compulsury wearing of school uniform.
  • House system and Subject Association
  • Co-Curricullar activities,self help and social service, Mass P.T,compulsary Games
  • Intensive Programme for improving reading, writing and speaking habits, Supervised study in library.
  • Regular allotment of home work and projects.
  • Parent Teacher contact immediately after each examination.
  • Publication of School Magazine, News Letter, Education Tour and Excursions.


Parents Are Requested To Kindly :

  • Check the haircut,unirform and punctuality of your ward in the morning.
  • See that your ward carries book/note books according to the time table for that day. No extra books should be brought to the school.
  • See that your ward is regular in completing home work and learning the daily lessons.
  • Encourage Your child to take balanced intrest in studies,co-curricular activities and sports.
  • Encourage and help your child to speak in English as often as possible as the medium of instruction in the school is English
  • See that the studies of your child are not disturbed by taking him/her away in between the session.
  • Discourage your child from bringing valuable articles to school.


Attendence :

  • A minimum 75% Attendence is must to appear in final examination.
  • If a child remains absent continiously from the school for 7 days without prior permission then his/her name will be struck off the school rolls.
  • A student will be allowed to take a maximum of only 3 leaves at a time.


          (Re-Admission of the child will be totally on the discreion of the principal.)