What We Are?

Lakshmipat Singhania School was founded in 1981, with the idea of creating a unique environment in the whole region. As it is truley said 'child is the father of man' so the child of today will be the adult of tomorrow when he is suppose to cope up with increasing pressure and complexities of life. Keeping this in mind the school emphasizes on all-round & holistic development of a child with the help of recent & new approaches in the education system including curricular and co-curricular activities.
The uniqueness of the school is in the limited intake of pupils with an excellent teacher-pupil ratio so as to give personalised attention and guidance.It is expected that each child will develop at his own pace and the school will facilitate to bring out his best potential.

How We Do?

Our Mission

We teach our children to think logically and make connections between their cognitive and life experiences. We strongly believe that education is not only about text books and in order to hone the skills of the children and to provide a platform for them to showcase their individual talents a host of co-curricular activities are organised for them.

Success Stories

To provide world class education to our students we have introduced smart class system, also known as e-class room system. Each smart class room is equipped with an LCD Projector, an interactive electronic board, a computer which is connected to a main server installed in the knowledge centre room. Communicative English is the need of today's time. so to enhance the skills in spoken english we have installed English Language Lab for our Students. Along with the language lab to enable the students to speak English with confidence English Bridge Course is also running regularly in the school.

Our Approach

The school has got a very unique system of “Surrogate Parents”. Children who are under achievers or having discipline problem are divided into small groups. Each group is handed over to a specified teacher who takes complete care of children of his group providing them regular counseling and helping them in the academics even after the school hours & remedial classes are being organized from time to time.