• Annual examination system is for the promotion to next higher class,Every child must be appear in it.
  • All the parents and students are requested to note the schedules of a 4 FAs ,2 CEATS and 2 SAs, Examination and their weight-age as well
  • A students will be promoted to the next higher class only when he/she secures in aggregateof 33% marks in SA-1plus SA-2 and the same way to secure 33%marks in aggregate of FAs in all subjects.
  • The Parents Are therefore, requested to ensure that child work hardthrughout the year and appear in every CEAT,FA and SA (formative & Summetive assessments).
  • A Student found cheating in a paper may be disqualified for that paper or for the entire examination depending upon the seriousness of the act.
  • The Parents are requested to submit the medical certificate immediately alongwith the leave application if their child is sick and can not appear in any exam.Re-Examination can not be arranged for a child under any circumstance.
  • NO individual rank will be awarded to child how ever the best 3 students in class. Including all the section ,will be awarded "Excellence in Academic" award.A students who scores A grade in all the subjects will be awarded "Academic Star" award.These awards will be given only to the student who remains present in all exams the including FAs.